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Majestic Barranco de Masca (Tenerife) Reopens!

Barranco de Masca (before helmet requirements)

27 March is the long awaited date for the re-opening of this majestic and challenging barranco (ravine) walk on Tenerife’s north-west coast.

However, the option of doing only the downhill walk from Masca village to the beach and hopping on a boat to get back to civilisation is not (for now) available as the jetty isn’t yet refurbished. This means you need to be fit enough to walk it both ways and this is challenging for many.

Looking down to Barranco de Masca

To walk the ravine, Masca can be accessed in public transport from Buenavista del Norte or from Santiago del Teide.

In order to access the ravine, pre-booking is advised at

You can also book at the Masca Visitors Center, although availability is not guaranteed for walking the ravine on the same day.

At the moment, entry is free, although in the future (presumably when all work is completed on the jetty), a fee of 8 euros (residents) and 16 euros (visitors) will be charged (Check the official website for the latest entry information.)

The ravine is not recommended for under 8 year olds.

Safety helmets must be worn.

Access will be in groups of 25 walkers, every half hour.

Opening hours of the ravine will be 8:00 to 18:00 in summer, and from 8:00 to 17:00 in winter (though for now, it will only be open weekends and holidays).

Three checkpoints have been established at the beginning, halfway point and on the beach.

Active tourism companies will be allocated 50 % of tickets. For more information and to book your place, go to the official website HERE.

A challenging route – Barranco de Masca (before helmet requirements)


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