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Post-Christmas Walks – Marvellous Malverns

After all the turkey, pud, mince pies and drinks, wouldn’t it feel good to get out in the fresh air and get moving?

Walk 17, The Worcestershire Beacon

If you’re in reach of the Malvern Hills you’re spoilt for walking choices. How about climbing the Worcestershire Beacon? It only takes an hour and a half, ending at a cafĂ© at St. Ann’s Well. It’s a circular walk so you end up back at your transport.




Walk 21, Eastnor Park

Or perhaps a delightful, gentle stroll that skirts Midsummer Hill then climbs to the landmark obelisk in Eastnor Park before descending to Eastnor village?

Field and woodland paths drop us close to Ledbury and a charming back route through the town to The Market House.

It’s a 2 hour linear walk with taxis available at the end if needed; just the right length to get moving again post-Christmas.

If you want to know more take a look here.

Walk Around The Malverns – a change to Walk 25

Author/researcher Bob Greaves has re-walked a section of Walk 25 ‘Old Storridge Green’ to resolve an access issue:-

From: Bob Greaves, researcher and author of Walk around the Malverns.

Old Storridge Common

Old Storridge Common

The gate at Wp.14 now has a sign ‘Private No Public Right of Way’ so the route is blocked. This is such a shame as this has been a through route for decades, maybe even centuries; you will see that I actually describe it as ‘an ancient way’ in the text. However that doesn’t guarantee that it’s a public right of way!

There is a straightforward alternative which is to follow the ‘Geopark Way’ from Wp.12 to Wp.16,

unfortunately not so attractive and missing out on the ‘North Hill from Birchwood’ view. An alternative description might be:-

“….up a beautiful, sun-dappled track through woodland. Where a footpath crosses ours we turn right and follow the frequent signposts for the ‘Geopark Way’, out of woodland and up the left hand side of a couple of fields. With orchards and the courtyard development we passed earlier down to our right we turn left up a track back into woodland.

Out of the woods the path, smaller now, is through long grass to an updated black and white farmhouse. We skirt this anti-clockwise following yellow paint daubs then head straight on between fences to a lane. Here we have a brief opportunity to look across Birchwood Common before turning right. Finishing our dalliance with the ‘Geopark Way’, where the lane swings left and a track goes straight on……”


More information on Walk! Around The Malverns can be found here:

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