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Travel Gets The Green Light

The British Government has published the list of countries you can travel from, into England, with no quarantine needed. At last, the brakes are off and all of us who want to get away have a tempting array of countries to choose from.

Plenty of fresh air and views, Las Canadas, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

Of course, keeping safe is important, so what better than getting out and about on airy mountain walks or breezy coastal trails, well away from the crowds.

Palaiokastritsa Bay, Corfu (Greece)

Greece and its lovely islands is on the ‘good to go’ list, along with all of Spain including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

Dragonera, from La Trapa, Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain)

How about the quiet beauty of Brittany (France), or fascinating Malta and Gozo?

Pointe de Landunvez, Brittany (France)

There’s plenty of information to help you choose your getaway destination here.

Have a look at our free digital maps, fully detailed and just what you need for adventuring away from the crowds. Take a look at our printed maps and walking guidebooks too.

We can offer maps (many also available as free digital downloads) and guidebooks for most of the following destinations which are all on the UK Governments ‘free to travel‘ list:

Our maps and/or guides:


Canary Islands: Gran Canaria
La Palma
La Gomera & El Hierro

Mainland Spain: Costa Blanca Mountains
Sierra de Aracena
Costa del Sol

Balearic Islands: Mallorca


Zakynthos (Zante)

Malta & Gozo

Lanzarote’s north, Canary Islands (Spain)
Costa Blanca Mountains – Puig Campana (Spain)

Andorra? Winter sports? No – walking, of course!

Andorra?  Winter sports? No – walking, of course!Andorra Walk 1 Estanys de Tristania

As the Winter Olympics fills the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d caught the skiing bug; after all, isn’t that why you’d take an adventure holiday to the tiny yet mountainous Principality of Andorra?


With plenty of snow most winters, it’s easy to see the attraction for skiers. But when they’ve all gone home and Spring arrives, the ski lifts are quiet and so are the mountains. Now it’s the walker’s turn to enjoy some of those 300 per year sunny days. Use those ski lifts to gain altitude and walk on top of the world.

Take a look at Walk! Andorra, available as a pdf download for £4.99.

There’s also a sample route here to download for free:-

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