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Mallorca – what a magical island!

The western half of Mallorca, (Balearic Islands, Spain) offers wonderul walking and breathtaking views.

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It's worth getting up high to appreciate the views. Here's the island of Sa Dragonera, viewed from La Trapa, Mallorca.

It’s worth getting up high to appreciate the views. Here’s the island of Sa Dragonera, viewed from La Trapa, Mallorca.

Walk! The Costa Blanca Mountains – now as a pdf

Spain’s Costa Blanca is so much more than the coastal strip – look inland – you could be up on those white mountains!Walk! the Costa Blanca Mountains cover

Walk! The Costa Blanca Mountains is available as a printed book – from today you can also download the pdf version. Perfect if there’s no time to get the printed copy before you head off adventuring. It’s also handy if you want to print off one or two pages to carry for the day, saving weight in your pack.

FInd out more here:

Lanzarote – important update – Tabayesco circular walk

Another update from Neil C, for the start (and end) of Walk 33 Tabayesco circular in Walk!

This is the track you follow at the start of the walk.

This is the track you follow at the start of the walk.

Lanzarote guidebook. Thanks Neil!

“We parked for Tabayesco circular (33) at the recycle bins (noting they were perhaps 70 or 80 metres from the bus stop).

There was a very clear unmapped track leading away from the bins in the direction shown on the map – I wasn’t entirely happy that it was the correct track which seemed to be mapped nearer the road junction, but we set off anyway (a car came down the track [shows how major it was] from nearby houses and the driver waved a friendly greeting to us).

After about 200 metres of walking and surprised not to have found the jeep track on the left, we were shouted at from a house garden above by an English voice: “You are going the wrong way!”.  “Sorry?” I said, not quite clear how someone could know where we were going.

“This is the wrong way!  Are you doing the Tabayesco Circular walk?”
“Then this is the wrong way.  The recycle bins have moved since the book was printed – you want to go back to the bus stop and the track that leads up towards the broad ridge over there”

We returned to the bins and beyond them to the bus stop and found the real track correctly mapped.

Future walkers (until the book is re-published) should note that the walk starts from the bus stop and you walk on the coast side of it to access the first track mentioned. Thanks for a great time in Lanzarote – the book and map are invaluable!”

Neil C

If you’re doing Walk 33, note that the walk also ends at the bus shelter (where it starts). Disregard references to the bins at the start and the end of the route description.

Lanzarote – thanks Neil for this update

Walk! Lanzarote – thank you Neil for this feedback for Walk 26 (Uga to La Geria) and Walk 33 (Tabayesco Circular)Uga La Geria walk 26

On 27 January 2014 Neil C wrote:

“We have just returned from nearly two weeks in Lanzarote, walking every day using the 3rd edition you kindly sent us.

It had to happen eventually!  We walked 26 (Uga to La Geria) in reverse (because we had walked part of it the recommended way on a previous trip) and saw a group approaching us down the road from La Asomada, one of whom was carrying a blue walk booklet exactly the same as I was!

We exchanged notes and continued.  I thought you’d be amused to learn of this.  However, I will not do 33 that way round again!  As well as having long steep ascents, the wind was blowing a gale into our faces on both the main upward sections making forward movement next to impossible.

I will e-mail you shortly with a few observations about the new edition’s contents, but meanwhile I will mention a wry smile that I had when I read that you said “there were four or five wet days when you surveyed for the book”.  We had rain or drizzle almost every day!   Also, when we did walk 33 and were about 1/4 way up the unpathed ridge, the sun went in, the strong wind grew even stronger and was then accompanied by very heavy, virtually horizontal rain: even our boots clogged with the mud from the ground!  We arrived very cold and bedraggled at Los Helechos restaurante, and although I agree with your scathing comments, it was a haven of warmth and dryness for us that day!

More feedback shortly.

PS  Greatly enthused by your new Majorca book which we’ll order ASAP and are even now planning when in 2015 we’ll go to try it!”

Gran Canaria – mapping update

For those itching to get their hands on the first really detailed and up-to-date map for walkers/hikers/bikers on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), see this report from the cartographer (27 January 2014):-

David Brawn
“I’ve just today reclassified the roads after chatting with Rambling Roger, and then added the island’s beaches. Just a couple of corrections, add a Lat/Long 1 minute grid, add flower symbols for all the gardens and garden centres, then design a new legend and I think I’m nearly there with the new Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map.”

David Brawn, Cartographer, DWG Ltd

Roques de Garcia, Tenerife

Look at that sky! And snow on Mount Teide!

Here’s the Roques De Garcia – an easy walk though the air up here is thin, so take about half an hour to acclimatise.

Walking amongst the mystical moonscape volcanic surroundings of Las Cañadas – it has to be walked to be believed.Roqes de Garcia, Tenerife

Gran Canaria – almost there …

Are you waiting for our new Tour & Trail Map before heading off to adventure on the wonderful island of Gran Canaria? Not long to wait now. Our cartographer, David is checking the design through and it will soon be off to the printers. A downloadable version will also be available. Want to know more? Look

In the meantime, check out Rambling Roger’s website – this man knows walking on GC like the back of his hand and we thank him for his valuable input into the map detail.

See his siteGran Canaria Tour & Trail Map

Thank you Chris Kurton – in Mallorca

Great guide to Majorca – taken on Alfabia ridge – magnificent walking
Chris adventuring in Mallorca.

Chris adventuring in Mallorca.

Gran Canaria – new Tour & Trail Map approaches the finishing post

David, our cartographer, has been working on what will be the most detailed and up-to-date map of the dramatic island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Keep checking here for the release date.

Thank you, Mr & Mrs H, for your kind comments

People say the nicest things. Here’s the latest:-

On 21 January 2014 B H wrote:

“Just to complement you on the excellent guide and map for Lanzarote. Having walked all over the world as well as in the UK we certainly agree that these are the clearest and most helpful guides we have found. We stayed outside Haria and this proved an ideal centre for all parts of the island – we did have a car. The map on its own would have been fine, but your personal comments and recommendations were greatly appreciated, as was the ability to link up the walks.

As is to be expected there were one or two places where new buildings had been erected or the trail was obscure, but we never got lost. By the way, the restaurant / bar La Tegala in the cultural centre in Haria is great for local food and very reasonable, as is the Stop Bar in Yaiza. The one you describe in Ye wasn’t open while we were there, but maybe they don’t get much custom in January?

Best wishes; we will be buying more of your guides and recommending them to our friends. We only wish we had found them earlier.”

Regards, B and T H (Somerset)

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