Lanzarote – important update – Tabayesco circular walk

Another update from Neil C, for the start (and end) of Walk 33 Tabayesco circular in Walk!

This is the track you follow at the start of the walk.

This is the track you follow at the start of the walk.

Lanzarote guidebook. Thanks Neil!

“We parked for Tabayesco circular (33) at the recycle bins (noting they were perhaps 70 or 80 metres from the bus stop).

There was a very clear unmapped track leading away from the bins in the direction shown on the map – I wasn’t entirely happy that it was the correct track which seemed to be mapped nearer the road junction, but we set off anyway (a car came down the track [shows how major it was] from nearby houses and the driver waved a friendly greeting to us).

After about 200 metres of walking and surprised not to have found the jeep track on the left, we were shouted at from a house garden above by an English voice: “You are going the wrong way!”.  “Sorry?” I said, not quite clear how someone could know where we were going.

“This is the wrong way!  Are you doing the Tabayesco Circular walk?”
“Then this is the wrong way.  The recycle bins have moved since the book was printed – you want to go back to the bus stop and the track that leads up towards the broad ridge over there”

We returned to the bins and beyond them to the bus stop and found the real track correctly mapped.

Future walkers (until the book is re-published) should note that the walk starts from the bus stop and you walk on the coast side of it to access the first track mentioned. Thanks for a great time in Lanzarote – the book and map are invaluable!”

Neil C

If you’re doing Walk 33, note that the walk also ends at the bus shelter (where it starts). Disregard references to the bins at the start and the end of the route description.

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