Lanzarote – thanks Neil for this update

Walk! Lanzarote – thank you Neil for this feedback for Walk 26 (Uga to La Geria) and Walk 33 (Tabayesco Circular)Uga La Geria walk 26

On 27 January 2014 Neil C wrote:

“We have just returned from nearly two weeks in Lanzarote, walking every day using the 3rd edition you kindly sent us.

It had to happen eventually!  We walked 26 (Uga to La Geria) in reverse (because we had walked part of it the recommended way on a previous trip) and saw a group approaching us down the road from La Asomada, one of whom was carrying a blue walk booklet exactly the same as I was!

We exchanged notes and continued.  I thought you’d be amused to learn of this.  However, I will not do 33 that way round again!  As well as having long steep ascents, the wind was blowing a gale into our faces on both the main upward sections making forward movement next to impossible.

I will e-mail you shortly with a few observations about the new edition’s contents, but meanwhile I will mention a wry smile that I had when I read that you said “there were four or five wet days when you surveyed for the book”.  We had rain or drizzle almost every day!   Also, when we did walk 33 and were about 1/4 way up the unpathed ridge, the sun went in, the strong wind grew even stronger and was then accompanied by very heavy, virtually horizontal rain: even our boots clogged with the mud from the ground!  We arrived very cold and bedraggled at Los Helechos restaurante, and although I agree with your scathing comments, it was a haven of warmth and dryness for us that day!

More feedback shortly.

PS  Greatly enthused by your new Majorca book which we’ll order ASAP and are even now planning when in 2015 we’ll go to try it!”

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3 responses to “Lanzarote – thanks Neil for this update”

  1. discoverywalking says :

    Neil, thanks a lot for your comments. It’s so valuable to hear how our books and maps perform. It’s great that you (largely!) enjoyed your Lanzarote walking. Funny how a mediocre eatery can appear almost five-star when the weather drives us to shelter 🙂


  2. rosinaus says :

    I remember doing this walk – it is often windy on the island though to hear of so many rainy days is quite a surprise! It’s great to see the pic looking down from the route.


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