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Thanks William L for Your Feedback (Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Spain)

William L sent the following message to us, after using our Axarquia (Costa del Sol) Custom Map for Garmin:-

From: William L, Date: 25 February 2014 19:00
Subject: Walking Axarquia

Hi David
I used your your map in my Montana today and was impressed, I loaded it directly to the GPS memory so it could overlay my Topo Spain.Axarquia Walk 8 Path to Los Pradillos

This worked very well for me so I could switch maps in seconds and compare. Must say I’m impressed, not being a fan of 1.40,000.

Thanks for your help with the file,

Sent from my iPad

For info look here :-

Walk Spain’s Alpujarras: download the guide

One of the White VIllages

One of the White VIllages

Walk! The Alpujarras  is now also available in pdf format.

This beautiful region of southern Spain offers high peaks, long ridges, clear mountain streams, woodland, amazing views and picturesque white villages.


‘Walk! The Alpujarras’ takes you through 34 detailed routes with the expert guidance of author/researcher Charles Davis.

Try a free sample walk here:

To see details of the printed book, the Alpujarras Tour & Trail Map and the book as a pdf, look here:

OSlike Brecon Beacons Custom Maps for Garmin

Ready now to download – Brecon Beacons West and Brecon Beacons East OSlike Custom Maps for Garmins.

For details and how to download, see here:-

OSlike Custom Maps For Garmin – all Lake District

The final map in the four-map series of OSlike Custom Maps for Garmin is now available to download. See for full details and how to buy.

Mallorca (Balearic Islands) Author Update

Mallorca map section Cuber Tossals Verd From Charles Davis, author/researcher
20 February 2014 17:39

Bit of vital information for our updates pages:

Anybody planning on walking the Dry Stone Way, Mallorca (GR221) has a slightly surreal and stunningly irritating headache coming their way.

The refuge at Tossals Verds is closed on safety grounds and won’t be open before October if then. There is no comparable accommodation between Soller and Lluc. The ‘alternatives’ (such as they are) proposed by the authorities can be found here:

Taxiing back and forth between Cuber and Lluc rather spoils the point of doing a LDP*. Staying at Cuber would be lovely, though it might be a bit Spartan for some tastes and implies carrying extra weight. To get an idea of what this unmanned refuge is like, see or google ‘refugio cuber’ for photos.

*LDP = Long Distance Path

The map section above shows a section of Walk! Mallorca Tour & Trail Map to illustrate the relative locations of Tossals Verd and Cuber. For more information on Mallorca maps and walking see

Walk Around The Malverns – a change to Walk 25

Author/researcher Bob Greaves has re-walked a section of Walk 25 ‘Old Storridge Green’ to resolve an access issue:-

From: Bob Greaves, researcher and author of Walk around the Malverns.

Old Storridge Common

Old Storridge Common

The gate at Wp.14 now has a sign ‘Private No Public Right of Way’ so the route is blocked. This is such a shame as this has been a through route for decades, maybe even centuries; you will see that I actually describe it as ‘an ancient way’ in the text. However that doesn’t guarantee that it’s a public right of way!

There is a straightforward alternative which is to follow the ‘Geopark Way’ from Wp.12 to Wp.16,

unfortunately not so attractive and missing out on the ‘North Hill from Birchwood’ view. An alternative description might be:-

“….up a beautiful, sun-dappled track through woodland. Where a footpath crosses ours we turn right and follow the frequent signposts for the ‘Geopark Way’, out of woodland and up the left hand side of a couple of fields. With orchards and the courtyard development we passed earlier down to our right we turn left up a track back into woodland.

Out of the woods the path, smaller now, is through long grass to an updated black and white farmhouse. We skirt this anti-clockwise following yellow paint daubs then head straight on between fences to a lane. Here we have a brief opportunity to look across Birchwood Common before turning right. Finishing our dalliance with the ‘Geopark Way’, where the lane swings left and a track goes straight on……”


More information on Walk! Around The Malverns can be found here:

Isle Of Wight OSlike Mapping for Garmin Ready Now

OSlike Isle of Wight cover smallJust completed – OSlike mapping, Isle Of Wight,  for Garmin users.

Find more information about OSlike Maps take a look at

Treat yourself to quality OSlike Custom Maps for your Walk! UK adventures with Garmin gps units
25k scale OSlike detail with all Walk routes highlighted, numbered and arrowed. £3.99.

Easy to load onto a microSD card to clip into your Garmin* so you have OSlike mapping on your gps.

The mapping works with any guide book though we recommend ‘Walk! The Isle Of Wight which details 40 varied routes. More information here

On the island's south coast

On the island’s south coast


Here’s your glorious view (right) while on Walk 19 Chale Bay.


The Isle Of Wight Walking Festival (3-18 May 2014) gets more popular every year.

If you want to be part of it, their official brochure can be viewed here:-


But if you want to avoid big crowds of walkers and visitors, it might be better to go outside these dates.

NEW OSlike Maps For Your Garmin GPS – Don’t Miss This

OSlike Map Lake District South East smallHot off the hard drive!

OSlike maps are a new concept in digital mapping for Garmin GPS users.

The latest maps, for the beautiful Lake District, UK cover the area’s north-west, north-east and south-east.

They’re not only detailed maps – walking routes are included.OSlike Map Lake District North East small

Treat yourself to quality OSlike Custom Maps for your Walk! UK adventures with Garmin gps units*

25k scale OSlike detail with all Walk routes highlighted, numbered and arrowed.

Easy to load onto a microSD card, to clip into your Garmin* so you have OSlike mapping on your gps.

Just £3.99 for each OSlike Custom Map for great value quality mapping.
Free Sample Map to Try before you Buy in Google Earth, Garmin Basecamp and in your Garmin. For ‘Try Before Your Buy’  look here

Take a look here

OSlike Map Lake District South East small

7 Hours of sun a day in February? That’s Lanzarote For You

The Haria region, Lanzarote

The Haria region, Lanzarote

It’s little wonder that Lazarote, part of Spain’s Canary Islands, is so popular as a winter escape. Even in February, there’s an average of seven hours of sunshine a day.

The image (right) was taken on a walking route in Haria, in the island’s north.This region receives the lion’s share of rainfall which, added to the rich volcanic soil, makes for an area rich in wild and endemic plant life.

Want to see a sample route? Click here for a pdf download of

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

And if you like that, there’s an entire book-full of 39 walks complete with full descriptions, maps and images for £4.99 to download

Andorra? Winter sports? No – walking, of course!

Andorra?  Winter sports? No – walking, of course!Andorra Walk 1 Estanys de Tristania

As the Winter Olympics fills the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d caught the skiing bug; after all, isn’t that why you’d take an adventure holiday to the tiny yet mountainous Principality of Andorra?


With plenty of snow most winters, it’s easy to see the attraction for skiers. But when they’ve all gone home and Spring arrives, the ski lifts are quiet and so are the mountains. Now it’s the walker’s turn to enjoy some of those 300 per year sunny days. Use those ski lifts to gain altitude and walk on top of the world.

Take a look at Walk! Andorra, available as a pdf download for £4.99.

There’s also a sample route here to download for free:-

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