7 Hours of sun a day in February? That’s Lanzarote For You

The Haria region, Lanzarote

The Haria region, Lanzarote

It’s little wonder that Lazarote, part of Spain’s Canary Islands, is so popular as a winter escape. Even in February, there’s an average of seven hours of sunshine a day.

The image (right) was taken on a walking route in Haria, in the island’s north.This region receives the lion’s share of rainfall which, added to the rich volcanic soil, makes for an area rich in wild and endemic plant life.

Want to see a sample route? Click here for a pdf download of http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/lanzsamplewalk26.pdf

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

And if you like that, there’s an entire book-full of 39 walks complete with full descriptions, maps and images for £4.99 to download http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/lanzWalkSpec.htm

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4 responses to “7 Hours of sun a day in February? That’s Lanzarote For You”

  1. rosinaus says :

    After one (just one!) sunny day here in the UK today, this is certainly tempting!


  2. I Books says :

    Having been there quite a few times, I can definitely confirm that it is a great place to go especially when you’ve had enough of winter. Wonderful light, air and walking.


  3. C Robbins says :

    I’ve just been looking at flights for Lanzarote! Your timing is perfect!


  4. discoverywalking says :

    Glad to be of service 🙂


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