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Tour and Trail Maps Go To Sea

We know that most people use our Tour & Trail maps for hiking and biking, for driving and occasionally while horse riding. Their strength, toughness, foldability and waterproof qualities make our maps ideal for all these pursuits.

Look at those magical blues! Paddle Boarding off Northern Menorca

But here’s a first! We received an interesting email from Oliver, a kayak, open canoe and paddle board guide. He uses our maps to navigate around coastlines and sent us a couple of photos showing how he does it.

Paddle Boarding off Menorca’s North Coast

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of your maps, I use them to navigate our way around coastlines, most recently around some of the awesome north coast of Menorca on Stand Up Paddle Boards, (I guide in both sea kayak and Open canoe too).

Your maps definitely make life easy while afloat …


(Received 24 August 2018)

And here’s how to use your Tour & Trail map while paddle boarding.

Thanks Oliver!

You can see that map and many others from Discovery Walking Guides here.

Any more unusual uses for our maps out there? Let us know.

Who got a Garmin for Christmas?

If you are one of the many who found a Garmin GPS in their Christmas stocking, this post is for you.

Get your hands on a free sample ‘real-time’ map and see your Garmin come to life. You can choose a sample map of Graciosa ( off Lanzarote, Canary Islands) or Sierra de Aracena (Andalucia, Spain).

What you’ll get is a highly detailed real-time Tour & Trail digital download map, which you can save on your hard drive, transfer to your Garmin GPS CustomMap memory or onto a micro-SD card; you can also use the maps in Garmin Basecamp and Google Earth.

If you like what you’re seeing then you can purchase more mapping to download, for a whole host of destinations including:-


Sample segment, Gran Canaria.

Sample segment, Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria
La Palma
La Gomera

Alpujarras (Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, southern Spain)
Costa Blanca Mountains (Alicante, southern Spain)
Axarquia (Andalucia, southern Spain)
Sierra de Aracena (Helva province, southern Spain)



For more information about Tour & Trail Maps take a look HERE.

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – New 3rd Edition Tour & Trail Map

It may not be as well-known as some of the other Canary Islands – that means there’s plenty of room for you to explore this bold, beautiful and dramatic island.gran-canaria-tt-map-2016-cover

You want mountains and ravines? You want remote, unspoiled sleepy villages? You want abundant verdant woodlands, paths and tracks? You want endemic plant life found nowhere else? You’ve got them all on the island of Gran Canaria.

Map section, Gran Canaria

Map section, Gran Canaria

This third edition includes new walking routes, even clearer ways to show routes and other map features and all the detailed cartographic information that afficionadoes of the Tour & Trail series have come to expect and rely upon. Take a look at this small extract (left).

Look here for full details.


Detailed updating and addition of new walking routes and additional data have been researched by our ‘on the ground’ walking expert, ‘Rambling Roger‘ and his fellow walking researchers who know the island like the backs of their hands.


If you’re looking for an adventure away from the European winter, with almost guaranteed good weather and great walking (definitely guaranteed) then take a look at Gran Canaria.

(Custom Map digital edition for Garmin Users is available from Discovery Walking Guides’ website. Digital editions are available for 3G/4G GPS apps from Viewranger and My Trails.





Gran Canaria – wonderful walking

Gran Canaria Towards Gui Gui (copyright Chris Kurton)Thanks to Chris Kurton who has just had a wonderful walking holiday on the dramatic Canary Island of Gran Canaria.

Here’s one of Chris’ photos taken while walking; a view from a col towards Gui Gui.


See the GPS record of one of Chris’ routes, a circuit of Mount Tauro,

See lots more images taken by Chris while walking the island in Walking The World group on Facebook; click

And for information on maps and walking on Gran Canaria see


9 Hours of daily sunshine in March? 22C tomorrow? It’s Gran Canaria, right now!

Gran Canaria long view smallThey don’t call it the ‘mini-continent’ for nothing!

Though it’s under a 5 hour flight away (from the UK and western Europe) it feels like a different world.


There’s plenty to see and do, though the best thing of all is to walk the trails and marvel at the views, the forests, flora and fauna and the ancient villages.

Mallorca map section Cuber Tossals Verd Discovery Walking Guides launched their Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable map only a week ago, and the demand has been exceptional. It certainly looks as if Gran Canaria is emerging from the shadows to become this year’s ‘must walk’ destination in the Canary Islands.


There’s wonderful dramatic scenery and unspoilt villages, plus clean, spacious beaches for the days you don’t want to walk (or bike or drive).Gran Canaria long view with village small

To find out more about the map look here:

There’s plenty of walking information from Rambling Roger who lives there and knows the island like the back of his hand; look here:

If you fancy 22C and nine hours of sun in March, hop over to Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria – what a destination! And The Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is Here!

Never been? This is one of the less-visited Canary Islands but that could be set to change. The digital version of Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map has been available for a few weeks – now comes the Super-Durable printed version. For more information see: Canaria TT Map SD Cover MINI

Go soon before the summer visitors arrive and have those wonderful mountains and ancient walking trails just about to yourself.

Rambling Roger knows the island like the back of his hand – see his website here:

Field Test Report – Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map

Our thanks go to Andrew who field tested the beta version of Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map:-Gran Canaria T&T Custom Map for Garmins

On 2 February 2014 Andrew K wrote:

Hi both,
Just a quick note to thank you both for giving me access to the beta Tour & Trail map for Gran Canaria.

We didn’t come across any issues whilst using it around the central and southern parts of the island. I used it on my Android smartphone and loaded the gpx  track files which matched up perfectly to the map.

Looking forward to purchasing the final version when it’s available.
All the best,

More information about this amazing island can be found here;

Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map – design complete!

We’re excited to anounce that Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map design is complete and Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Mapthe print files are now with our specialist map printer. We’ll let you know when they’re ready to buy.

If you’ve never visited – why not? It’s a dramatic, beautiful island and only around 4 hours’ flight time from much of Europe. See more information

We’ve been working with Rambling Roger, resident on the island, who knows the island’s walking like the back of his hand. More about Roger here

If you are a Garmin user you don’t even have to wait! Get the downloadable map for Garmin here and you could be on those trails within hours.

Gran Canaria T&T Custom Map for Garmins

Gran Canaria – mapping update

For those itching to get their hands on the first really detailed and up-to-date map for walkers/hikers/bikers on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), see this report from the cartographer (27 January 2014):-

David Brawn
“I’ve just today reclassified the roads after chatting with Rambling Roger, and then added the island’s beaches. Just a couple of corrections, add a Lat/Long 1 minute grid, add flower symbols for all the gardens and garden centres, then design a new legend and I think I’m nearly there with the new Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map.”

David Brawn, Cartographer, DWG Ltd

Gran Canaria – almost there …

Are you waiting for our new Tour & Trail Map before heading off to adventure on the wonderful island of Gran Canaria? Not long to wait now. Our cartographer, David is checking the design through and it will soon be off to the printers. A downloadable version will also be available. Want to know more? Look

In the meantime, check out Rambling Roger’s website – this man knows walking on GC like the back of his hand and we thank him for his valuable input into the map detail.

See his siteGran Canaria Tour & Trail Map

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