Gran Canaria – it’s a whole new world

They don’t call it the ‘mini-continent’ for nothing!


Though it’s under a 5 hour flight away (from the UK and western Europe), it feels like a different world.

There’s plenty to see and do, though the best thing of all is to walk the trails and marvel at the views, the forests, flora and fauna and the ancient villages.

Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map is now in its 5th edition. This is the level of detail you need when exploring the island.

Here at Discovery Walking Guides, we’ve watched the rise and rise of this fascinating island as a hiking/biking/touring destination over the past few years. Gran Canaria has emerged from the shadows to become a ‘must walk’ destination in the Canary Islands.

There’s wonderful dramatic scenery and unspoilt villages, plus clean, spacious beaches for the days you don’t want to walk (or bike or drive).


To get the best from your visit, get the best map. Here’s a small segment – look at that clarity and detail. To find out more about the map look here.

There’s plenty of walking information from Rambling Roger, who lives there and knows the island like the back of his hand.


If you fancy 18-23C and mostly sunny days from December to April, hop over to Gran Canaria.

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5 responses to “Gran Canaria – it’s a whole new world”

  1. rosinaus says :

    It certainly is a beautiful rugged island.


  2. Rosamund Brawn Robbins-Cherry says :

    It’s fascinating how different each of the Canary Islands is. Agreed that Gran Canaria is great for hikers and bikers.


  3. John says :

    We used the Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map for our trip and found it sufficiently detailed for all our excursions both on and off road. The material it is printed on is very robust and ideal for stuffing into the net pocket of my rucsac. Gran Canaria is a fascinating place to hike with many archeological features to see. The climate is without fault in our experience.


    • discoverywalking says :

      Thank you John, your comments are just what we like to hear. You are quite right; there is so much to experience and discover on Gran Canaria. It’s good to know you enjoyed your adventuring there.


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