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Lanzarote; rains bring the desert to colourful life!

Barranco del Malpaso, Lanzarote

Barranco del Malpaso, Lanzarote

Residents on the Island of Lanzarote tell us that more visitors than usual have been enjoying the great outdoors on this unique island during November and December this year. The dramatic volcanic landscape is unforgettable, though is usually desert-dry with little natural green to see.


It doesn’t rain much (or often) on this arid Canary Island, so recent falls have been most welcome, bringing colour and plant life back to otherwise arid areas.

Helechos, Lanzarote

Helechos, Lanzarote


What a great time to visit! Warm days and sunshine (average of six hours per day in December, even more in January), plus the chance to see the colourful green swathes and flower carpets that happen for only a few weeks each year. Walk, hire a bike or car, or jump on a bus.


La Geria, Lanzarote

There’s plenty of interesting information about the island on the Lanzarote Information website; use the link below.


Take a look at the really useful Lanzarote Information website.


For more on this fascinating and often surprising island, including printed and digital mapping and walking information, take a look here:-

Montaňa Corona, Lanzarote

Montaňa Corona, Lanzarote

Discovery Walking Guides’ website – look here.

Walk! Lanzarote :- Updates and Notes

Los Cocoteros to Costa Teguise – best views on route

Our thanks go to Howard and Penny who recently returned from a walking holiday on the Canary Island of Lanzarote and have sent us these useful notes and updates for those who walk after them.


For more information about the book and map they used, see http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/lanz.htm

Dear David and Ros,

We have just returned from 2 weeks in Lanzarote guided by your excellent version 3 of Walk! Lanzarote. (We visited in 2008 with version 1)

We had a wonderful time and really had no issues at all in finding our way though a few little changes have arisen which we suspect arose after your visit. We particularly enjoyed some of the new routes.

Walk 13 The path from wp13 to wp17 has now been bulldozed out as part of the Orzola to Playa Blanca formal route so is now very easy to follow

Walk 22 This has now been upgraded into a defined path with illustrative notice boards and you are advised that stepping off the path is punishable. The English version of the notices are written in best Brussels Eurocrat speak so it is quite entertaining but the beauty of the place is not lost.

Walk 36 After the quite treacherous drop down to wp6 it was clear we were not wanted on the stone wall so we made a direct line for the extreme right end of the wall where we picked up the path. Looking at the footsteps we were not alone.

Walk 33 We set off up the path from the Recycling Bins at the start only for a lady from one of the houses to shout across to say we were on the wrong path. Clearly we were not the first walkers she had re-routed. The bins have been moved ca 75m up the road. The route begins from the path by the bus stop. How you got to wp 4 in 29 minutes amazed us, we were fairly close to your timings throughout the island but it took us close to an hour for this part of the route. We also struggled from wp 4-6 turning left far too early, it would have been clearer if wp5 had not been detailed and the route was described simply as aiming from wp 4 to the right hand side of the saddle where the track is clear at wp6.

Walking in the Haria region

Walk 39 Wonderful.

For those with restricted time we would combine walks 29 and 30 starting at wp1 in Haria and going directly to wp13 (a quick trip up to wp12 is well worth while) then continue to wp17 where you join walk 29 at wp4 and complete walk 29 from there.

Finally we wondered if anyone else had the same experience as us in Ye (walk 36). We were met at the church by two delightful small dogs who befriended us for the day, sticking with us all the way round. Sitting with us when we stopped to eat and then on return trotted off. They seemed to treat us as their dog walkers for the day. Has anyone else performed this service?

We see you are planning Fuerteventura, we have not been there so look forward to you guiding us around that island soon. One request though, please can you publish this with a ring bound spine, they are so much easier to work with.

Many thanks again

Howard and Penny

PS. Note for David, there is a new roundabout on the LZ30 where the LZ402 joins from Famara – a Cartologists work is never done.

7 Hours of sun a day in February? That’s Lanzarote For You

The Haria region, Lanzarote

The Haria region, Lanzarote

It’s little wonder that Lazarote, part of Spain’s Canary Islands, is so popular as a winter escape. Even in February, there’s an average of seven hours of sunshine a day.

The image (right) was taken on a walking route in Haria, in the island’s north.This region receives the lion’s share of rainfall which, added to the rich volcanic soil, makes for an area rich in wild and endemic plant life.

Want to see a sample route? Click here for a pdf download of http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/lanzsamplewalk26.pdf

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

Walk! Lanzarote as a pdf download.

And if you like that, there’s an entire book-full of 39 walks complete with full descriptions, maps and images for £4.99 to download http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/lanzWalkSpec.htm

Thank you, Mr & Mrs H, for your kind comments

People say the nicest things. Here’s the latest:-

On 21 January 2014 B H wrote:

“Just to complement you on the excellent guide and map for Lanzarote. Having walked all over the world as well as in the UK we certainly agree that these are the clearest and most helpful guides we have found. We stayed outside Haria and this proved an ideal centre for all parts of the island – we did have a car. The map on its own would have been fine, but your personal comments and recommendations were greatly appreciated, as was the ability to link up the walks.

As is to be expected there were one or two places where new buildings had been erected or the trail was obscure, but we never got lost. By the way, the restaurant / bar La Tegala in the cultural centre in Haria is great for local food and very reasonable, as is the Stop Bar in Yaiza. The one you describe in Ye wasn’t open while we were there, but maybe they don’t get much custom in January?

Best wishes; we will be buying more of your guides and recommending them to our friends. We only wish we had found them earlier.”

Regards, B and T H (Somerset)

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