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Andorra? Winter sports? No – walking, of course!

Andorra?  Winter sports? No – walking, of course!Andorra Walk 1 Estanys de Tristania

As the Winter Olympics fills the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d caught the skiing bug; after all, isn’t that why you’d take an adventure holiday to the tiny yet mountainous Principality of Andorra?


With plenty of snow most winters, it’s easy to see the attraction for skiers. But when they’ve all gone home and Spring arrives, the ski lifts are quiet and so are the mountains. Now it’s the walker’s turn to enjoy some of those 300 per year sunny days. Use those ski lifts to gain altitude and walk on top of the world.

Take a look at Walk! Andorra, available as a pdf download for £4.99.


There’s also a sample route here to download for free:-


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