Madeira – the Garden Isle

Walk Madeira Walk  20 Achada do Teixera Pico RuivoIf you were standing, right now, on the Pico do Ruivo, Madeira, and looked west, this is the view you’d be seeing. After one of the gloomiest, darkest northern European winters on record, wouldn’t this do your soul good, not to mention your fitness  🙂 ?

Madeira has long been an A-grade walking destination, offering levada walking along man-made water canals as well as trails for the most adventurous mountain hiker. Then there’s the wonderful endemic plant life too. The best thing is – simply go and see for yourself.

Walk Madeira Walk  20  mapHere’s the map that goes with the photo.

There’s more information here :-

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One response to “Madeira – the Garden Isle”

  1. Zargo says :

    Hi! great post! Now there’s a really nice app that guides you through the canals and the mountains. It’s called walkme – Happy Hiking 😀


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