Madeira – updates – official PR walking routes

From 'Shirley Whitehead's Madeira Walks'

From ‘Shirley Whitehead’s Madeira Walks’

If you’re off to Madeira, take a look at the island government’s website to check which routes are currently closed or undergoing work. Walking conditions can change quickly due to weather, landslides or other factors.



The Madeiran authorities recognise the importance of walking visitors to their lovely island and are quick to restore paths and levadas to good order.


From 'Shirley Whitehead's Madeira Walks'.

From ‘Shirley Whitehead’s Madeira Walks’.

It’s a useful website and updated frequently.

Here’s the link to the English language version

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4 responses to “Madeira – updates – official PR walking routes”

  1. discoverywalking says :

    Just in case you’re tempted – Madeira will have a high of 22C today – looking at the temperature now in the English Midlands – 2.5C. No contest!


  2. Mandy Dee says :

    Would you permit me to review this on twitter?


    • discoverywalking says :

      Hi Mandy, it would be good if you ‘liked’ and ‘followed’ the blog as we provide this type of information quite frequently. If you agree, then yes, please do review on Twitter. Best wishes, Ros (for discoverywalking)


  3. Madeira Seekers says :

    Madeira walks is an unforgettable thing for the any tourist who come and enjoy the beautiful Madeira Island.Thank you for sharing useful information about madeira.


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