9 Hours of daily sunshine in March? 22C tomorrow? It’s Gran Canaria, right now!

Gran Canaria long view smallThey don’t call it the ‘mini-continent’ for nothing!

Though it’s under a 5 hour flight away (from the UK and western Europe) it feels like a different world.


There’s plenty to see and do, though the best thing of all is to walk the trails and marvel at the views, the forests, flora and fauna and the ancient villages.

Mallorca map section Cuber Tossals Verd Discovery Walking Guides launched their Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Super-Durable map only a week ago, and the demand has been exceptional. It certainly looks as if Gran Canaria is emerging from the shadows to become this year’s ‘must walk’ destination in the Canary Islands.


There’s wonderful dramatic scenery and unspoilt villages, plus clean, spacious beaches for the days you don’t want to walk (or bike or drive).Gran Canaria long view with village small

To find out more about the map look here: http://www.dwgwalking.co.uk/gcan.htm

There’s plenty of walking information from Rambling Roger who lives there and knows the island like the back of his hand; look here: http://www.ramblingroger.com/

If you fancy 22C and nine hours of sun in March, hop over to Gran Canaria.

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One response to “9 Hours of daily sunshine in March? 22C tomorrow? It’s Gran Canaria, right now!”

  1. discoverywalking says :

    I just looked at the outdoor thermometer here in the English Midlands. 7C with a damp mist that doesn’t want to shift. Gran Canaria sounds most attractive 🙂


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